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Unplanned Pregnancy Support

Unplanned PregnancyUnplanned Pregnancy.

At a time like this you may be feeling overwhelmed by the options facing you. You may feel like you have no choice as to the outcome of the pregnancy or you may feel that you have to consider everyone else’s feelings above your own. Whatever you are feeling right now we are here to help you make an informed decision about the future of your pregnancy. Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be a difficult and confusing experience. Maybe you are faced with choices that have no easy answers. At the Centre you can talk to a trained advisor who will listen, offer you space to think and help you consider the possible options:


Termination of pregnancy can be a difficult decision for some people and we aim to support individuals/couples and provide information that will help them decide what to do. Some women may feel pushed into a termination or rush the decision to ‘get it over with’ but this might lead to regret afterwards and self recriminations that they should have thought it through more thoroughly. The woman may feel surrounded by people all telling her what they think she should do but the most important thing to do is listen to what she herself is thinking and feeling and make a decision that is the right one for her.

The following links may provide further information that you will find helpful:
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People often say ‘I could never do that’ when they are asked if adoption is a viable option but for some they have found it to be a very positive choice by being able to provide for their baby something they are unable to offer themselves e.g. a stable family background. The adoption process means that nothing becomes legally binding until after the baby is born therefore enabling the mother to change her mind at any time up till the paperwork is signed after the baby is at least six weeks old. The adoption process is designed to support and reassure a woman about who will be looking after her baby. Here at the Centre we will support you throughout the pregnancy and beyond until it is no longer required. 

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Continuing with an unplanned pregnancy may have financial, relational, housing or career implications. We will help you find the answers you need in order for you to make an informed decision about the future of your pregnancy. Parenting is by no means an easy option but it can be a highly rewarding and positive experience. It is very important to consider each option in turn to enable you (and your partner) to explore fully the implications of each action.

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At the CPC we offer time and space for individuals to talk about and explore their own concerns regarding an unplanned pregnancy. Our trained practitioners are there to listen, offer support and assist you by providing extra information to help you consider all the options available to enable you to make an informed choice.