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unplanned pregnancy support 

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be a difficult and confusing experience. At the Centre we will listen, offer you space to think and help you consider the possible options available to you.  [read more]

They are extremely nice and helpful, with no bias towards any option.


stillbirth support

Having a stillborn child can leave people with the resounding need to know ‘why did it happen’, and often this is the one question that remains unanswered. The Centre will support individuals to grieve and vocalise their questions and in time find a level of acceptance to move on.  [read more]

There are no words to express how utterly grateful I am to you for being there.

neonatal death

A baby’s death seems to challenge our very concept of how the life cycle should work so when a baby dies it can rock people’s foundational beliefs and sense of security in their world. The Centre will offer support during this very unsettling time with a view to reducing anxiety and expressing grief, which in time, can support those bereaved to move forward. [read more]

There’s not enough room for me to write down all the different ways I feel you’ve helped me. Thank you.


infertility & childlessness support 

The Centre offers support for people who are experiencing fertility issues or have discovered that they are unable to have a baby. This can be a difficult and emotional time but the Centre can support people to grieve for the loss of their dreams and find hope for the future. [read more]

When I came to you last year I was in such a dark place. Thank you for being so kind and understanding.

after a termination 

A termination, whether for an unplanned pregnancy or due to foetal abnormality, can leave people with a range of unexpected emotions such as anger, sorrow or regret. 
Our support programme can help men and women work through these feelings helping them to move on.  [read more]

It has helped me immensely – being able to talk it all through in a non-judgemental, non-shaming and empathic place.

miscarriage support

At whatever stage of pregnancy a miscarriage occurs each loss is significant and meaningful for those involved. The Centre’s staff will support people to express their grief appropriately, explore any anger issues that also surface, whilst also acknowledging any guilt/shame that may emerge. [read more]

I feel 100% better than before I came. A big thank you for your support and help.