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Information for Teenagers.

Are You Ready To Have Sex?   

Try doing the following checklist (devised by Jo Adams) and see if you can answer ‘Yes’ to all of the questions.

  • You feel you could say no and that would be ok – but you still want to do it
  • You can have fun together without anything sexual involved
  • You each want it for yourself, not for the other person or to fit in with friends or others
  • Nobody’s forcing you, pressuring you or coercing you
  • You have discussed using condoms and contraception, and agreed what happens next and whether or not to tell your friends afterwards as well as talking about the implications if you become pregnant or catch an S.T.I.
  • You know your own mind and know it’s right
  • You have made a special connection with someone – and both feel it
  • You aren’t wanting to have sex to keep a boyfriend/girlfriend or just to make you popular
  • You know you won't regret it

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the above then you could be ready to have sex but the final choice is yours to make. Remember the average age for first sexual intercourse is 16yrs – this means that some have sex by 16yrs of age but others don’t. There is no hurry. Also it is important to remember surveys show that many people regret their first sexual encounters and wish they’d waited till they were ready, we don’t want you to be one of them. It’s your body and your choice.

Do You Think You Might Have A Sexually Transmitted Infection?   

 Any sexual contact could put you at risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection. Using a barrier method of contraception, such as a condom, will help to reduce this risk however only if used correctly.

Common Signs & Symptoms of STI’s include

  • Unusual discharge or liquid from the vagina or penis
  • Pain or burning when passing urine
  • Itches, rashes, lumps or blisters around the genitals or anus
  • Pain and/or bleeding during sex
  • Bleeding after sex and/or between periods

It is important to note that some infections have few or no symptoms and therefore it is best to have a routine check up periodically to ensure no infections are present.

We offer a Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea screening service at the Centre if required.

Most infections can be completely cured if found early enough and may only require a course of antibiotics but, if left untreated, some of these infections can become very painful and at worst cause permanent damage to your health and fertility.

For more information – see the STI’s page.

Do You Think You Might Be Pregnant?   

Could you be pregnant? 
Have you had unprotected sex or are aware of contraception having failed?
Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling Sick
  • Needing to urinate more frequently
  • Sore Breasts
  • No Period
  • Tiredness

If you are experiencing any of the above then it would be prudent to have a pregnancy test carried out to be sure. The Centre offers a free and confidential pregnancy testing service that will provide a result within five minutes. Please note however that the Centre is not able to refer directly for termination. We offer clients information on all the options and are well-resourced to provide both immediate and long term support as necessary, directing to other agencies as appropriate.

Should the test be negative we can provide contraceptive information so that you can avoid an unplanned pregnancy in the future. However, should the test be positive, we can offer you support and help you think through the options available. We will also discuss the impact the pregnancy will have on the parental relationship and offer support in discussing this impact with your parents if required.

We are here to listen compassionately and non-judgementally to you and your feelings. Our confidential service provides a place for you to access help without fear of others finding out. However should you be under 13 years old and sexually active or disclose an abusive relationship then we are bound by the law to disclose this and inform the authorities.