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Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing

Could you be pregnant? – Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? -

  • Feeling Sick
  • Needing to urinate more frequently
  • Sore Breasts
  • No Period
  • Tiredness

If you are experiencing any of the above and are sexually active then it would be wise to have a pregnancy test carried out to see if you maybe pregnant.

The Centre offers a free and confidential pregnancy testing service that will provide a result within five minutes. At the Centre we use a pregnancy test that indicates whether the presence of a hormone, known as H.C.G, is present in a sample of urine.

This hormone is released during early pregnancy to a maximum concentration during the ninth week of gestation. Testing can only be carried out from the day of the missed period as testing earlier than this could produce a false result. Our tests are over 99% reliable.