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Neonatal Death

Miscarriage and Stillbirth cousellingNeonatal death is the term used to describe the death of a live-born baby within 28 days of delivery. Sometimes the parents of these babies will be more prepared for this loss if problems have been identified during the pregnancy however for others problems only emerge after the delivery or as a result of a difficult birth. Whatever your own personal circumstances are, you are facing the loss of your baby which is both traumatic and painful.

The Centre is here to help you through the difficult days, weeks and potentially months that follow by providing a free and confidential counselling service, with unlimited numbers of sessions, for as long as your need it. The Centre’s staff are happy to work with couples together or else individually and can offer a range of ‘out of hours’ appointments as needed. 

Grief is a painful process and the Centre’s staff offer support as you move through the various stages of grief helping you to understand, make sense of and come to terms with your loss.

Whilst we can not stop the pain of your grief we can stand with you, reducing your isolation, whilst you face the daily sadness of losing your baby.