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Infertility & Childlessness Support

Miscarriage and Stillbirth cousellingThe shock of discovering that you are unable to conceive in the usual way, for whatever reason, can be a devastating and confusing realisation. Hopes and dreams of parenting are deep rooted and not easily put aside and therefore this news can have a massive impact. Indeed the consequences of such a discovery can be difficult for both parties to come to terms with and sometimes relational stability is in question as a result. In addition choices might be limited in terms of the future for example IVF, adoption or facing a childless future and here at the Centre we recognise how huge these choices are when a person is trying to get over the shock that their original plan for their future is no longer possible. 

The Centre offers a free and confidential counselling service for men and women as they try to understand their circumstances, look at the choices they have available to them (if any) and find the courage to face an uncertain future.  The Centre’s staff are here to help you through these difficult days, weeks and potentially months by providing unlimited numbers of sessions, for as long as your need it.